Vintage UFO CDs Vol. 2 6-CD set

Vintage UFO CDs Vol. 2 6-CD set
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Vintage UFO CDs Vol. 2 6-CD set. Here's a great savings of classic UFO radio shows. This set includes:

Frank Edwards’Audio version of FLYING SAUCERS SERIOUS BUSINESS. Hear stories of Flying Saucers and Ships at sea, Astromer reports, Power Sources, Censorship, Moon Signals, Contactees & Kooks, and much more. 51 mins Audio CD

One of the most credible pioneers of the modern UFO age. Hear U.S. Marine Major Donald Keyhoe (Ret.)., an Annapolis graduate, be interviewed by Mike Wallace (60 Minuets) in a 1959 TV report about his Armstrong Circle Theater and the censorship when he was about to tell the American public the truth about UFOs and the Air Force coverup. On tracks two & three, hear Keyhoe explain his position in depth on the Long John Nebel radio programs. He was the first to allege in the late 1940's that the US Air Force was withholding information about UFO's. Keyhoe claimed to possess many files and photographs from UFO sightings by pilots. Keyhoe served as chairman of the research organization National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), a position bestowed on him in 1957. NICAP was one of the first private UFO organizations. This recording has a couple minor flaws & skips, but overall is very good. Audio CD, 75 mins.

Audio CD featuring world famous news comentator Frank Edwards of the Mutual Raio Network. He is interviewed by a panel of people including Long John Nebel. Very interesting listening, even through the "cracks" and "pops" of the recording. It's not the clearest recording sometimes, but Frank Edwards voice cuts through like a sharp knife. This audio CD features 3 tracks: Track 1: UFOs and Flying Saucers - An overview of the subject. Frank explains why his interest is so high and why he believes. 32:35 Min. Track 2: Inventions and Unexplained Incidents - Frank reviews Tunguska, Otis T. Carr, and an anti-gravity. 27:40 Min. machine. Track 3: Donald Keyhoe & NICAP - Comments about Donald Keyhoe and his books, his contribution to the subject and the organization of NICAP. This segemnets end abruptly. 11:48 Min.

1966 Radio News Special Program on UFOs. Featuring comments by DONALD KEYHOE, J. ALLEN HYNEK, AL CHOP (USAF), JAMES MOSELEY, and WILLIAM COLEMAN (USAF). Recorded eye witness and news accounts include Wash DC Radar Case 1952, McMinnville OR, Exeter NH, and Keyhoe describes an Aircraft case investigated by SECRET Government agency. Scientists discuss explanations of UFOs and unexplained cases. Keyhoe and others discuss Air Force cover-up including official recorded statements. Travel back in time to 1966 with this historical UFO recording! Audio CD 71 Min.

This is the "so-called" reason the government won't reveal all they know about UFOs. The panic from this broadcast was significant. Although Orson Welles, Mercury Theatre and the Columbia Broadcasting System couldn't "soap the windows" of their listeners the night before Halloween back in 1938, they could annihilate the world for them. And that's exactly what they did with this radio adaptation of H.G. Wells's famous novel, War of the Worlds. The adaptation was written by Howard Koch, and it was realistic enough to panic some listeners who tuned in too late to realize the broadcast was merely a prank. Koch used his medium to good effect, couching the first part of his drama as a series of special news reports interrupting a "regular" program of dance music. These updates on the seemingly innocent scientific oddity taking place on Mars served to pique interest, which Koch quickly built on with breathtaking, on-the-scene reports from Grover's Mill. How could listeners help but perch on the edge of their seats as Carl Phillips coolly intoned phrases such as, "I'll give you every detail as long as I can talk..."? As the Martians spread their terror throughout New Jersey, Koch jacked up the tension using radio reports from the infantry and air force. These messages would ominously fall silent as the troops engaged the invaders, occasionally preceded by a telling, "Only one thing left..." Koch then used the show's intermission to segue into the first-person account of the "end of the world" by Pearson, a haunting and poignant monologue spoken by Welles. It's easy to see why this broadcast created genuine panic back in 1938, and today it still stands as one of the most exhilarating SF radio shows in history. It is easily equal to Wells's original masterpiece. Audio CD, nealy 1 hour in length, uninterrupted.

INVASION? Radio programs that suggest invasion
THE ROSWELL ANNOUNCEMENT ON ABC RADIO: This is the original announcement of the famed Roswell, NM crashed disc made by ABC Network Radio news anchor Taylor Grant on July 8, 1947. This first public announcement that the US government had recovered a crashed flying saucer was covered up by The Army Air Force and successfully kept the lid on the so-called Roswell Incident until 1978--31 years later--when former military personnel involved in the recovery began to speak openly to UFO researchers about the crash, the recovery, AND the cover-up. You may have heard an edited version of this announcement before, but this is a completely un-edited transfer from the original acetate recording of the live news program. This recording is followed by excerpts from an interview with Col. Thomas DuBose, former assistant to General Ramey who initiated the cover-up by switching the debris of the actual crash for pieces of a downed weather balloon before reporters and photographers were allowed to see the wreckage. Dubose CONFIRMS the cover-up in one typically terse military statement in a recording made just before his death in the late 80's.

THE 1947 INTERVIEW THAT NAMED THE SAUCERS: Most researchers will tell you the "Modern Age" of UFO research began on June 24, 1947 when private pilot Kenneth Arnold spotted a group of strange craft while on a solo flight over Oregon. It is in this interview conducted by news reporter Bill Burquette that Arnold speaks the famous phrase that forever nicknamed unidentified flying objects as "flying saucers."

THE BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES: Ray Angler, a California air raid warden in 1942 describes an event that could be the military's first actual gunfight with an alien UFO. Hundreds of shots were fired at unknowns that hovered above the city of Los Angeles illuminated by air raid searchlights. Not one hit was scored. Thousands watched as this "battle" raged.

THE UFO ATTACK ON WASHINGTON, DC: August of 1952 became known as "The Summer of The Saucers" when numerous UFOs were seen--and many tracked on radar--for several weeks over the United States capitol. They repeatedly violated restricted airspace including flying near and/or over the White House and the Capitol Building and flew at rates of speed in excess of 7000 miles an hour! In these two interview excerpts you'll hear Al Chop, The Pentagon's Public Relations Officer at the time, give an overview of the events followed by newsman John Dailey's interview of James Ritchie of the Civil Aeronautics Association, who seems at a loss to explain the strange incidents.Hear U.S. Marine Major Donald Keyhoe (Ret.)., an Annapolis graduate, be interviewed by Mike Wallace (60 Minuets) in a 1959 TV report about his Armstrong Circle Theater and the censorship when he was about to tell the American public the truth about UFOs and the Air Force coverup.

THE SEARCH FOR THE SAUCERS: An early report on the UFO phenomenon produced by the news department of the ABC Radio Network in late 1947. This program is replete with the usual snide comments about alcohol, bad dreams, and even a reference to Martian deejays! Still, the program has its merits--mostly in the descriptions of UFO sightings by firsthand witnesses, even though they seem to be scripted. UFO-mania swept the country in the summer of 1947 and this program manages to capture the social attitudes of the time provoked by the sightings. About one hour Audio CD.

Audio CD set 6 CDs

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