Keyhoe Interviews Audio CD

Keyhoe Interviews Audio CD
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One of the most credible pioneers of the modern UFO age. Hear U.S. Marine Major Donald Keyhoe (Ret.)., an Annapolis graduate, be interviewed by Mike Wallace (60 Minuets) in a 1959 TV report about his Armstrong Circle Theater and the censorship when he was about to tell the American public the truth about UFOs and the Air Force coverup.

On tracks two & three, hear Keyhoe explain his position in depth on the Long John Nebel radio programs. He was the first to allege in the late 1940's that the US Air Force was withholding information about UFO's. Keyhoe claimed to possess many files and photographs from UFO sightings by pilots. Keyhoe served as chairman of the research organization National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), a position bestowed on him in 1957. NICAP was one of the first private UFO organizations. This recording has a couple minor flaws & skips, but overall is very good.

Audio CD, 75 mins.

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