Frank Edwards CD - UFO's and the Unexplained 1959

Frank Edwards CD - UFO's and the Unexplained 1959
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Audio CD featuring world famous news comentator Frank Edwards of the Mutual Raio Network. He is interviewed by a panel of people including Long John Nebel. Very interesting listening, even through the "cracks" and "pops" of the recording. It's not the clearest recording sometimes, but Frank Edwards voice cuts through like a sharp knife.

This audio CD features 3 tracks:
Track 1: UFOs and Flying Saucers - An overview of the subject. Frank explains why his interest is so high and why he believes. 32:35 Min.
Track 2: Inventions and Unexplained Incidents - Frank reviews Tunguska, Otis T. Carr, and an anti-gravity. 27:40 Min.
Track 3: Donald Keyhoe & NICAP - Comments about Donald Keyhoe and his books, his contribution to the subject and the organization of NICAP. This segemnets end abruptly. 11:48 Min.

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