UFO Guide

ADAMSKI, GEORGE Adamski was born in Poland on 17th April 1891. His parents emigrated to the United States in 1893. Adamski claims that he met humans from Mars, Venus and Saturn. The ones living on Venus were called Venusians according to him. He has also been taken to the cities on the dark side of the moon and abroad spaceships. He claims that he has been told that all of our planets are inhabited. After his meetings in 1953 he started spreading the word of the Cosmic Philosophy which he had learn from the Venusians. He took several photos of theese so called UFOs and aliens. All of them have been proven to be hoaxes. In 1954 a man called Thomas Eickhoff tried to bring him to the Federal Court to with help from two scientists that had witnessed one of his space travels. But the court ruled that the subject of UFOs was consi dered Maximum Security by the CIA.

AFOSI US Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Their headquarters is located at Bolling AFB.

ALLAN HILLS 84001 The oldest Martian metorite to date. It was found in Antarctica were it crashed down for about 3,9-4,1 billion years. Earlier this year astronomers from Manchester University and scientists from the American Museum of Natural History released the news about the meteorite and that they had found organic materials in it. All theories about life on the red planet now seemed to be true, though it was not little green men the proof of life in universe was confirmed. This discovery has given birth to new theories about life on earth developed from a martian meteorite. The age of the meteorite matches the time when scientists have estimated the life begun on earth, for about 3,5-4,1 billion years ago.

ANDERSON, GERALD In the year 1990 Gerald Andersson step out in the light revealing a story about a crashed saucer at the Plains of San Augustin, New Mexico. This event should have taken place in July 5, 1947. In the beginning his story seemed to be highly detailed and contained a lot of information about dates, times, locations and names. And the investigators soon took their sides in the debate. The belivers were represented by Stanton T. Friedman and the non-belivers by Kevin Randles. Under a long time the two sides exchange their oppinions with an almost hostile tone. Randle took deep investigations in the testimony and proved many of the statements made by Gerald Andersson to be hoaxes. The things that did not fit in Geralds story was incorrect names, mixed up times and he changed his idea of were the crash site was located. Friedman answered Randles evidence with many explanations. Most of them almost more unbelivable then the crash itself. When the story almost had been forgotten Gerald recieved a diary at his fathers funeral wich he claimed as the family diary. But again the dates, times, names and place did not match with the truth. But the most important thing is that the paper was avaible in 1947 but the ink was not avaiable until the mid 70s. The belivers had to give up their hope of a crashed saucer. Friedman conceded, and in his book Crash at Corona, Friedman added a small preface informing the reader that the testimony of Gerald Anderson was no longer reliable.

ANDREASSON, BETTY Betty Andreasson Luca was born on January 7th, 1937 and married to her second husband Bob Luca. She is a well known UFO abductee victim and has written several books and held lectures about her own experiences. She claimed that she hadd been abduvted several times by the Greys and here opinion about was that they are a sort of biological robot controled by higher humanoid entities. Books: The Andreasson Affair (1979), The Watchers, The Watchers II (1995). During the abductions they took skin samples that she clamied that they used for the study of melanin producions.


APRO The US based Aerial Phenomenon Research Organisation. Founded in 1952 by Jim and Corel Lorenzen. APRO headquarters were in Tucson, Arizona. Now defunct, APRO was the worlds longest running UFO group and one of two civilian research groups singled out for monitoring by the CIA's Robertson Panel.

AREA 51 The Groom Dry Lake area of the Nellis Air Force Range and Nuclear Test Site in the Nevada desert, about 80 miles NNW of Las Vegas. It is here that the US government is test-flying highly secret BLACK PROJECT aircraft, including UFOs, for a number of years. Area 51 is also known as "Dreamland."

ARNOLD, KENNETH On 24th June 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnold observed nine boomerang-shaped craft flying over the Cascade Mountains in Washington - the sighting which gave FLYING SAUCERS their name. The second sighting he had received less coverage. On 29th July 1947 he saw around 20 to 25 brass-coloured objects come to within 400 yards of his plane as he flew over the La Grande valley. This started the UFO hysteria that has been onngoing ever since. The term "Flying Saucer" was used by Kenneth Arnold to describe how the UFOs moved in the air. A misunderstanding that it was the shape of the UFOs he described gave birth to the now classical description "Flying Saucer".

ASTRONOMICAL UNIT A measurement of space. The distance from the sun to the Earth is one A.U., or approximately 94,000,000 (million) miles.

ATIC Air Technical Intelligence Center. Located at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. It worked as a controlling agency for the Project Blue Book. In a 1948 Top Secret estimate called 'Estimate of the Situation' ATIC concluded that UFOs were interplanetary spaceships. The document was ordered to be burned by HOYT S. VANDENBURG in August 1948.


BENNEWITZ, PAUL In the late 1970's, an Alberquerque businessman named Paul Bennewitz started to monitor unusual electromagnetic pulses from what he thought were UFOs flying above the nearby Manzano Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility near Kirtland Air Force Base. He came to the conclusion that these pulses _may_ be controlling implanted abductees, so he started attempting to decode the pulses, and thought he was on the right path. He contacted APRO about his theory, but they wouldn't believe him, so he contacted AFOSI in October 1980, where he was put in touch with RICHARD DOTY. He filled out a few forms and sent in some tape he had filmed of some UFOs over the Nuclear Storage Facility and Doty started to feed Bennewitz DISINFORMATION about the US government's involvement with the UFO phenomenon, including tales of US/alien pacts, alien bases in various places around the world, and of experiments that the aliens carried out with humans to create hybrids and androids. Bennewitz believed all of it. Doty then got WILLIAM MOORE to pass on more disinformation on to him, and Bennewitz got more and more paranoid and eventually went insane. Bennewitz told JOHN LEAR what he had heard and Lear took this into account when he wrote his DARK SIDE HYPOTHESIS.

BLACK PROJECTS Government projects that are considered as technological secrets. About $50 billion a year are invested in US black projects.

BLANCHARD, COLONEL WILLIAM The officer at Roswell Army Air Field who authorized the press release that they had found the wreckage of a crashed UFO.

BUFORA The British UFO Research Organisation is the largest UFO group in Great Britain and has been going since 1964. As well as doing research into the UFO phenomena, it publishes the bi-monthly journal "UFO TIMES".


CAMPBELL, GLENN Glenn Campbell, age 36, used to work as a computer programmer around Boston but moved to the desert town of Rachel, Nevada, in January 1993 but now he lives in an apartment in Las Vegas, 90 miles south of the secret military bas Area-51. Campbell moved from Boston only to investigate the rumours and stories about the so called Area-51 at Groom Lake. His investigations ended up in his book, The Area 51 Viewer's Guide. Glenn Campbell has always kept to the facts and not involved any emotional feelings in the subject, which has given him respect and credibility. The information he collects through his investigation he publishes on his web site called the Area-51 Research Center. Through his devotion to the Area-51 and surrounding tales made the secret military base known to the public. Appearences in media by Glenn Campbell: ABC World, News Tonight and Larry King Live and several articles about him in magazines like Popular Science and The New York Times Magazine.

CAMMO DUDES The "Cammo Dudes" are members of the anonymous, camouflage-clad security force that patrols the outer boundary of the Groom Lake complex and adjoining public lands. They are a mixture of Air Force personnel and employees of a private contractor, probably EG&G or Wackenhut. They are protected by the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department, the only local police force in the U.S. that acts in proxy for a secret Federal entity. Cammo Dudes detain tourists who wander across the poorly marked military border near the "E.T. Highway," State Route 375. Regardless of the circumstances, these tourists are turned over to the Sheriff's Department for the typical $600 local fine. By dealing only with the local authorities instead of federal ones, the Cammo Dudes avoid having to identify themselves or appear in court.

CARLOTTO, Dr. MARK During the mid 1980s, TASC's Dr. Mark Carlotto developed an algorithm that enables one to extract approximate elevation relief from imagery. It is a "shape from shading" algorithm. The Martian imagery provided an excellent dataset for prototyping this algorithm as with no atmosphere and well understood reflectivity, the surface provides near perfect Lambertian reflection - and hence a means of determining relative surface normals. He developed this algorithm under the same period as some scientists were reviewing remotly sensed imagery of the Martian surface. They discovered the so called "Face on Mars", a geological feature on the surface wich looks as a humanface. This discovery fed the old stories about asumed life on Mars. Stories that, by the way, seems to be true if you belive the scientist who found some kind of small single cell creatures on a 4 billion year old metheorite crashed on earth.

CASH/LANDRUM CASE In December 1980, Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and her grandson Colby Landrum, were driving along a road in Huffman, Texas when they saw a bright light in the sky. After driving a little more along the road, they came across a large diamond shaped UFO hovering over the road belching fire out of the bottom. Since the flames were blocking the road, they had to stop the car about 65 yards away from the craft and the three of them got out. Vickie and Colby stayed by the car, whereas Betty went on to get a closer look. She spent a long time gazing at it and her skin began to burn because of the heat from the flames. She returned to the car when the object began to rise and a large number of unmarked black helicopters chased after the UFO. When they got home, they started suffering from sunburn, diarrhoea and vomiting. It has been claimed that the craft was a US attempt at making a UFO since it was spewing out flames at the bottom and was joined by many helicopters later on (See PROJECT SNOWBIRD).

CATTLE MUTILATIONS A world-wide problem, cattle are killed and the body is left on the farm in various conditions. On studying the body, it has been found that the body has been _totally_ drained of blood and that there has been no trace of blood found anywhere on the ground around the body. Various incisions would also be found on the body that were so clear cut that they would have had to have been done with some sort of laser technology that we didn't have when the mutilations started (before 1970). Bones were also clearly cut with no bone fragments around the cut. The bodies would be missing various parts which had also shown to have been removed with accurate precision. UFOs have been linked with these mutilations since they have been sighted at the same time in the same area where the mutilated bodies have been found.

CAUS Citizens Against UFO Secrecy. It is a non-profit organization and they are working to uncover all existing documentation relating to the U.S. Government's involvement in UFO investigations and research. CAUS files a great number of FOIA requests to get the government to release documents that are relevant. CAUS publishes "Just Cause", a quarterly newsletter about group events and UFO news world-wide. CLOSE ENCOUNTERS (CE RATING) See HYNEK CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM and VALLEE CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM.

COLLINS, ROBERT One of the persons that took part in the disinformation ploy against PAUL BENNEWITZ.. See "CONDOR".

CONDON REPORT The result of an investigation into PROJECT BLUE BOOK in 1969 by Dr Edward Condon. He started the investigation saying that all UFOs are "bunk", people who believed in them were "kooks", the authors of UFO books should be "horsewhipped" and that Blue Book was a waste of time. As a consequence, the report concluded that all UFO sightings were explainable and that UFOs didn't pose a defence threat. In 1969 they published 'Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects' wich debunked the whole UFO phenomena. Later FOIA released documents have shown that CIA had involvement in the report and was responsoble for the debunking reports. The Condon Report was just use as an official excuse to shut down the Project Blue Book in 1969.

"CONDOR" Also known as Robert Collins who took part in a DISINFORMATION program with WILLIAM MOORE and RICHARD DOTY against PAUL BENNEWITZ.

COOPER, MILTON WILLIAM Known as Bill Cooper, this is one man who the UFO community does not trust anymore. He used to work for the US Air Force and claims to have then moved on into Naval Intelligence. He made his debut on PARANET with a report on a UFO sighting he had whilst on the USS Tiru, a US Naval submarine. That report was accepted in good faith. He then began to send in details about various secret projects that he alleged the US governments were involved in during his time in intelligence. When asked for evidence to back his claims up by UFO researchers, he replied abusively. His reports continued to be sent in and the researchers still questioned him about backup evidence. Eventually he was barred from Paranet. He still wrote the reports and sent them into various bulletin boards anonymously, this time accusing the UFO researchers that questioned his authenticity as people who are working for the government to spread DISINFORMATION to the public. Bill Cooper is now a highly paid lecturer who lectures about his "experiences" and also claims that JFK was assassinated by the driver of the car because he wanted to make details about UFOs public and that we had bases on the Moon and on Mars built in the 1950's. Evidence : none for the bases and a seventh generation copy of the film showing the assassination that is very bad quality. He also claims that the aliens in US TV series "Alien Nation" are real aliens who were employed as part of an indoctrination program so that the public will accept the reality of aliens more easily. Bill Cooper's sources for his hypothesis is a mixture of the claims of PAUL BENNEWITZ, BILL MOORE, JOHN LEAR and BOB LAZAR and added a few unfounded theories he invented himself. When Bob Lazar was on a phone-in in 1989 ("Billy Goodman's Happening", 21/11/89) whilst he was going public, Cooper called in and said that he had talked to Lazar for over a year and that he had checked out his claims and they are all genuine. Then, some months later, Cooper changes his mind and says that Lazar is a fraud and had always known he was a fraud ever since he first went public. This is just one example of the many U-turns and inconsistencies that Cooper has carried out over the years.

CROP CIRCLES A strange phenoma that started to appear in fields around Britain mostly arround the famous Stonehedge monument in the 60s. But the phenomena has now grown to a world phenoma and circles have appeard in USA, Sweden an many other countries. Many researchers have tried to solve the phenomena and the theories suggested are numerous. Magnetic fields, twisters, hoaxes, alien visitors leaving messages and the most amusing theory about love crazed hedghogs running wild in the night.

CUFOS The Centre for UFO Studies was founded in 1973 by Dr J. Allen Hynek four years after his work at PROJECT BLUE BOOK ended. It publishes the bi-monthly journal "INTERNATIONAL UFO REPORTER" and an annual "JOURNAL OF UFO STUDIES". Address: J.Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, 2457 West Peterson Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60659 USA.


DARK SIDE HYPOTHESIS This is a brief run-through of JOHN LEAR's Dark Side Hypothesis : Dozens of flying saucers have crashed over the years and the US government has recovered all of them and launched Project Redlight in 1962 whose aims were to discover how to fly these recovered craft and was carried out in S-4 at AREA 51. Lear claims that this area is no longer in US control, the aliens have taken over the area. The US government then made a deal with the aliens in which the aliens could control a segment of S-4 and abduct as many people as they want, in return for their technology and that they provided a list of people that they intended to abduct. In 1973, the US government discovered that the aliens were abducting more people than they had listed and there was a confrontation and in 1978/9 the aliens held and then killed 44 top scientists and some of the Delta Force troops sent in to rescue them. The deal was then broken but the aliens stayed and were abducting as many as 1 in 10 Americans to use in experiments, mutilating these abductees and producing androids in underground laboratories. Sometime in the 1980's the US government and the aliens got together again and are working together so that the US can gain some more alien technology. Lear claims that there is a secret US government that is overseeing the abductions and that the abductees have implants in them that control them so that when an ideal time came, the secret government could enslave them and control them via drug addiction. The head of the secret government would be MJ-12. Lear's sources were PAUL BENNEWITZ, BOB LAZAR and, later on, BILL COOPER. When Bob Lazar went public on US TV in 1989, he said that he did not believe any of Lear's claims and distanced himself from Lear and any of his associates.


DIA Defence Intelligence Agency. Established by Robert McNamara in 1961. Its task was to coordinate all U.S Military Intelligence Services.

DISINFORMATION A strategy used by the governments of the world to cover up any knowledge they have of UFOs. Disinformation is when a person or organisation lies to a person by knowingly giving him or her fake documents or telling them false "facts". They leak information that they know is false, but they also leak some information that is true.

DOTY, RICHARD The AFOSI Special Agent who fed PAUL BENNEWITZ DISINFORMATION and employed WILLIAM MOORE to feed Bennewitz more information and to spy on various prominent ufologists. Doty was given the code name "FALCON" by Moore when they both appeared with "CONDOR" on "UFO Cover-Up...Live" in the US. The show was a big embarrassment to the UFO community when they claimed that EBE's were living in secret hideaways and like strawberry ice cream and Tibetan music.

DREAMLAND A nickname for AREA 51.

DURANT REPORT, THE The Durant Report (aka the Roberston Panel) was a secret group of men who had metings at Pentagon between 14-17th of January 1953 about the UFO disscusion and what they should do about it. They all agreed that all sightings were explainable. But they thought that infiltrating UFO groups and monitor should be done. The members of the Robertson Panel was: Dr H.P Robertson (Chairman) - Speciality was physics and weapons systems. Dr Luis Alvarez - Physics and Radar. Dr Lloyd V. Berkner - Geophysics. Dr Samuel Goudsmit - Atomic structure and statistical problems. Dr Thornton Page - Astronomy and Astrophysics. Dr J Allen Hynek - Astronomy. Frederick C. Durant - Missiles and Rockets.


EBE Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities. An unofficial term that is used to refer to aliens that originated from the MJ-12 briefing document.

ELEMENT 115 A substance that yet has to be created on earth. If it would exist it should be read as 115 on the periodic table. According to ROBERT LAZAR, this is the substance he came in contact with while he was working at Area-51. It is supposedly used in some way with the propulsion engine in the craft to create controlled gravity waves. When element 115 is modified, claims Lazar, in a certain subatomic reaction, it will produce a stable isotope of itself. This new stable combination can then be used as a gravity wave generator. This gravitational field bends spacetime around the reactor, and travels in a non-linear direction. An analogy would be that the craft stands still, while spacetime moves around it.

ET Extra-terrestrial. A term used to refer to aliens.

ET EXPOSURE LAW In July 1969, the ET Exposure Law was added to US law without public debate, a law that prohibits anyone to come into contact with a UFO or any aliens. If a person breaks this law, he or she can be fined up to $5000 (yes, _five_thousand_dollars_, approximately 3300 UK pounds) and be jailed for up to a year. On top of that, a NASA administrator is empowered to determine, with or without a hearing, if a person has been "extra-terrestrially exposed" and can impose that the person can be locked up in quarantine under armed guard for _any_ period of time. The decision cannot be reversed, not even by a court order, making the law completely against the American Constitution. The law also effectively makes anyone involved in a CLOSE ENCOUNTER a criminal. Since the law is in Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, very few people know about it since you would have had to have gone through at least 1210 other laws in the book to find it.


"FACE on MARS" A mesa on the Mars surface located at Cydonia Mensae (41 deg. N latitude 9.5 deg. longitude) near what appear to be be ruins of a city, with regular pyramidal structures. Some, such as RICHARD HOAGLAND, claim to be created by an inteligence. NASA claims that it is a product of wind erosion and tricks of light. However, NASA has also admitted to have never fully studied the phenomenon. Images of the Face and City are limited to two Viking images, frames 35A72 and 70A13.

"FALCON" Almost universally believed to be former AFOSI Special Agent RICHARD DOTY.

"FEMA" Federal Emergency Management Agency. It is occasionally referred to as the "Secret Governmet" of the USA. It was founded in the Richard Nixon Administration, refined by Jimmy Carter and in both the Ronald Reagan and George Bush administrations. When created, it had one fundamental concept: In case of a nuclear attack on the US, it should assure the survivability of US government. In later years, its purpose is to maintain order and supervise work done during a major domestic disaster.

"FIRE IN THE SKY" Big screen movie based on the TRAVIS WALTON ABDUCTION CASE. It _isn't_ a true documentary, various facts have been missed out or changed to make the film more interesting.


FLYING SAUCER When Kenneth Arnold reported his 1947 daylight sighting of nine boomerang-shaped UFOs over the north west of the USA, a newspaper covered the story and called the crafts "flying saucers" because Arnold said that their movements were similar to that of a saucer skipping across the surface of a lake despite the fact that the UFOs weren't saucer-shaped. The name stuck.

"FLYING SAUCER REVIEW" The longest running UFO journal in existence, running since the 1950's. Unfortunately not the authoritative journal it used to be in its heyday due to changes of editors. The current editor, Gordon Creighton believes that we are all being controlled by alien forces of some sort and that we can do nothing to stop them. He is also convinced that a significant percentage of the Earth's population is half-alien-half-human, and some people are completely alien.

FOIA Freedom of Information Act. This is an American law that allows members of the public to obtain copies of classified documents by having all or parts of the documents declassified by order of a federal judge. The judge may refuse the declassification of a document if it is necessary for the document to remain classified because it affects national security. At least, that is in theory. In practice it has been very unreliable, if one group requests for a set of documents and gets them, it doesn't necessarily mean that a second group will be able to get them. If the government denies they've got the documents that you are looking for, they may not be telling the truth. It has been known for a government to deny that it has _any_ documents on an incident yet they release some a few months later.

FOO FIGHTERS Shiny metallic-looking sphere seen floating in the skies in World War II from 1943 onwards. After the war, neither side claimed to have sent them up there. The Americans called them "foo fighters", a term derived from a comic-strip phrase "Where there's foo, there's fire."

FORRESTAL, JAMES V. Served as Secretary of the Navy but later on, in July 1947, he was promoted to Secretary of Defence. In March 1949 he resigned from this post due to a mental breakdown. In May the same year he died at Bethesda Naval Hospital. The cause of death was officially ruled to be suicide but there are they who belives he was murdered. Rumour persist that he was a member of the argued MAJESTIC TWELVE Group.


GHOST ROCKETS In 1946, over two thousand UFOs were observed flying above Scandinavia. They looked like missiles with a flame exhaust at one end, but travelled at varying speeds (from very fast to fairly slow) and performed various exotic manoeuvres at these speeds. There were reports at the time that some had landed and exploded. Neither East nor West admitted launching these rockets. Western scientists analysed fragments from these missiles and said that they were made of an organic substance that resembled carbide. When a Greek investigation publicly announced in 1967 that these were not missiles, the investigation was ordered to close by the Army and further information was covered in a blanket of secrecy.

GOLDWATER, SENATOR BARRY Senator Barry Goldwater, former Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Senator Goldwater has made several attempts to investigate the rumours about Wright-Patterson Air Base holding UFO evidence, but all attempts have failed. In a letter dated 28th March 1975, he wrote to all Ufologists: "The subject of UFOs is one that has interested me for some long time. About ten to twelve years ago I made an effort to find out what was in the building at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base where the information is stored that has been collected by the Air Force, and I was understandably denied the request. It is still classified above Top Secret. I have, however, heard that there is a plan underway to release some, if not all, of this material in the near future. I'm just as anxious to see this material as you are, and I hope we will not have to wait much longer."

GOOD, TIMOTHY Author of best selling books "Above Top Secret", "Alien Liaison", "Alien Update" and the "UFO Report" series. "Above Top Secret" documented the worldwide government cover-up of UFO related material and incidents. It also published the faked MJ-12 briefing document. Despite that, it is widely regarded as _the_ book to read if you're seriously interested in UFOs. "Alien Liaison" went one step further by dealing with disinformation, CATTLE MUTILATIONS and the ROBERT LAZAR case, but is thought of as fairly unreliable since parts of it were heavily influenced by the claims in the MJ-12 documents, the claims of BILL MOORE, and also the claims of BOB OESCHLER that he worked on a top secret project to produce an exhibition called "Cosmic Journey" in which the US government was allegedly going to display a preserved alien body and a section of a UFO. "Alien Update" can be thought of as "UFO Report 1993" since it is in exactly the same format as the other books in the "UFO Report" series.

GREYS The most common type of alien seen in CLOSE ENCOUNTER cases. Height varies from two feet to five feet, are humanoid, and usually have black bug-like eyes, little or no nose and a small slit for a mouth.

GULF BREEZE SIGHTINGS A series of UFO sightings in Gulf Breeze, Florida that have taken place since 1987, but the most concentrated period of sightings was between November 1987 and May 1988 and were centred around Ed and Frances Walters. During this period, Ed claims that aliens have attempted to abduct both him and his wife using a blue ray, but failed. He also claims that he knew when another encounter with a UFO was imminent because he would feel a humming noise in his head. When he got this humming noise, he would rush out with his camera and would take a picture of the UFO which would be waiting for him in the sky. The Walters took a total of forty photos with various cameras over that period and all of them were evaluated by various scientists and were proved that they were not faked. The most impressive photos included a blue ray that was used to transport people to and from the UFOs, a UFO photographed that was partially obscured by a tree (very hard to fake) and also the same UFO hovering above a highway with a reflection on the road of the bright light on the underside of the UFO.


HILL ABDUCTION CASE A controversial abduction case because it all hinges on information gained by performing HYPNOTIC REGRESSION on Betty and Barney Hill. In September 1961, the Hills were returning from a holiday and were driving along a New Hampshire road when they saw a bright light moving rapidly in the sky. They stopped the car and got out to have a closer look with binoculars. The light then reversed its direction and the couple got back into their car and drove on. The light then turned back and approached their car, so they stopped again to look at it. The craft was coin shaped with blue lighted windows along the edge, through which they saw figures running about. Barney walked over the road to get an even better look when two wings came out of either side of the craft which had red lights on the wing tips. He then got shocked and _very_ agitated and ran back into the car and the two of them went back on their journey home. When they got back, they realised that they were some two hours late and they didn't know why. After a few days, Betty had a series of disturbing dreams relating to a possible UFO abduction<, so she and Barney agreed to go under hypnotic regression to try and find out just _what_ happened during those two lost hours. The two were sent into a hypnotic sleep both together and separately, and both stories matched up with each other for the times when they were together during the UFO incident. The story went like this: When the Hills stopped the car the second time, it was because it was stalled by the UFO. The two were helped out of their car by a few men (alien men) and were taken off of the road and up a ramp into the UFO. They were then separated and put into different rooms where they underwent an examination involving taking samples from various areas of the body. Before being joined together and being allowed to leave, Betty was shown a three-dimensional holographic star map and was able to draw it out after a regression session. An amateur astronomer took the drawing of the star map and searched through the near stars to see if she could get a match for the star configuration drawn by Betty. After another five years of searching, she found one, and therefore calculated that the aliens must have come from the ZETA RETICULI system.

HOAGLAND, RICHARD For many years Richard Hoagland has claimed that the US Government, as well as NASA, is covering up the alleged FACE on MARS in the Cydonia Mensae region of Mars. Hoagland also claims that NASA has video taped UFOs filmed during some space shuttle missions. Hoagland also claims that NASA has more evidence of a possible civilization on the surface of Mars, namely the City of pyramial objects located near the Face.

HYNEK CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM A system used to categorize the various types of UFO sightings invented by Dr J. Allen Hynek. The categories are as follows...

  • NOCTURNAL LIGHT Any anomalous light(s) seen in the night sky whose description rules out the possibilities of aircraft lights, stars, meteors and the like.
  • DAYLIGHT DISK UFOs seen in the distant daytime sky. The UFOs classed in this category can be other shapes as well, like cigars, eggs and ovals.
  • RADAR-VISUALS Where UFOs are tracked on radar and can be seen at the place illustrated at the same time.
    • OF THE FIRST KIND (CEI) A UFO in close proximity (within approx 500 feet) of the witness.
    • OF THE SECOND KIND (CEII) A UFO that leaves markings on the ground, causes burns or paralysis to humans, frightens animals, interferes with car engines or TV and radio reception.
    • OF THE THIRD KIND (CEIII) A CEI or CEII which have visible occupants.
There are also two more unofficial classes of Close Encounter...
  • OF THE FOURTH KIND (CEIV) Abduction cases.
  • OF THE FIFTH KIND (CEV) Communication occurs between a person and an alien.

HYPNOTIC REGRESSION There is a theory that everything you see and hear is stored into the subconscious memory, and that it is possible to recount experiences via the use of hypnotic regression, in which the person is sent into a trance and re-enacts the experience. However, such a tool is very unreliable since they could be thinking about something else or mix two different experiences together. Another problem with hypnotic regression is interpreting what is recounted. In a non-UFO related case, an English girl was sent into a hypnotic state and started to talk non-stop in French. What she said was recorded and the investigator concluded that the girl must have been French in a past life. This theory was readily accepted until someone read the transcription of what the girl had said and found that it was an _exact_ copy of a French text she had read. It has also been found that pathological liars can lie whilst under hypnosis.


INTERNATIONAL UFO REPORTER (IUR)CUFOS journal that is published bi-monthly that summarizes current sightings and UFO news.


JOURNAL OF UFO STUDIES (JUFOS)CUFOS annual journal that contains scholarly papers on UFOLOGY.

JUST CAUSEA journal that is published quarterly by CAUS (Citizens Against UFO Secrecy) and has been published since 1984.


LAZAR, ROBERT SCOTT Robert Lazar is a scientist with two masters degrees, one in physics, the other in electronics. He wrote his thesis on magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). He has worked in Los Alamos as a technician and then as a physicist in the Polarized Proton Section dealing with particle accelerators. In his spare time, he has built a jet powered car _and_ a jet powered motorbike (max. speed 350mph!), as well as a car capable of running off of hydrogen. In March 1989, Lazar appeared on KLAS-TV in the US claiming to have worked in an above Top Secret installation known as S-4, ten miles south of AREA 51 in the Nevada desert. He was a scientist who was employed between December 1988 and April 1989 to examine a captured flying saucer to try and reverse engineer the saucer's propulsion mechanism. He claims that there were nine different saucers at S-4, although he was only working on one of them. He was told that the crafts used a propulsion system that uses gravity waves, a theory that mainstream science hasn't discovered yet (scientists don't know what gravity actually _is_, there are many theories, but there hasn't been one that is universally accepted yet) and the energy needed is supplied by irradiating Element 115, an element not found on Earth and which cannot be synthesized. A kilogram of the element releases the same amount of energy as 47 10-megaton hydrogen bombs. He says that he had 500 pounds (227.27kg) of the element to work with, but each craft only needed 223 grams of the element. Whilst working on one of the craft, he was allowed to actually go inside the craft and he was also present at a test flight in which the craft underwent a few simple manoeuvres in the air. When he went public in March 1989, he appeared on US TV in shadow with his voice altered, under the pseudonym "Dennis", an inside joke since his boss at S-4 was called Dennis Mariani, in an attempt to remain anonymous. On 29/3/89 he took three of his friends, one of them John Lear, to the edge of S-4 to observe any UFO test flights through a telescope. They saw (and filmed) a bright light rise in a step manoeuvre, that is, it would hover in the air, briefly disappear and reappear a few feet higher, and then the light went down in the same way. When they went again the following week on 6/4/89, they were caught by a security guard. Their ID details were recorded on a computer in Area 51 and they were ordered to leave the area, despite it being public land. They did leave and the following day, Lazar was ordered to go to Area 51 for a meeting with some security guards and an FBI agent. It was then that he resigned and left. After he was fired at whilst travelling on an Interstate highway, he decided that he'd better go public on TV under his own name, the theory being that if anyone kills him after going completely public, then that action would prove that he was telling the truth. He went on TV to tell the full story in November 1989 and his story has (to my knowledge) remained consistent since then.

LEAR, JOHN The estranged son of Bill Lear, inventor of the Lear Jet. John Lear is the only pilot who holds every airman certificate awarded by the Federal Aviation Administration. He has flown over 160 different type of aircraft and had flown many missions for the CIA. He is a friend of PAUL BENNEWITZ who told Lear everything that he had heard from RICHARD DOTY and WILLIAM MOORE and Lear believed most of it. Lear was also a friend of ROBERT LAZAR who told him about the various goings on at AREA 51; Moore showed him the various documents he had been given by Doty, and from those three sources began work on his Lear Hypothesis, also known as the DARK SIDE HYPOTHESIS. He then subscribed to Paranet and found a friend in BILL COOPER. With Cooper's help, he finished his hypothesis and sent it to the Paranet Bulletin Board. He then decided to test the UFO society by faking some government documents about aliens, the Krlll (pronounced "Krill") Files. All of the UFO society (but one) checked out the material included in the files and found large inconsistencies and lies. The one person who didn't was Cooper, who claimed to have seen the documents when he was working for the government. When the files were declared as faked, Lear and Cooper were barred from Paranet and the friendship between them broke down, Cooper accusing Lear of being a government agent. Lear is now lecturing about his Hypothesis.


MAJESTIC The highest security level known, higher than the Atom Bomb and effectively thirty-eight levels higher than Top Secret due to the compartmentalization of information. There are allegedly over thirty compartments of Top Secret which means that if you have a Top Secret clearance, it doesn't mean that you have access to all Top Secret documents, you must require the "need to know". Documents that require the "need to know" are classified as Top Secret xxx, where xxx can be any one of over thirty code names. Documents about S-4/AREA 51 happenings are classed as "Majestic".


MEN IN BLACK (MIBs) These are people who dress up in black suits and travel around in sleek shiny black cars and helicopters threatening UFO witnesses, to keep them quiet about their experiences. No one is quite sure who the MIBs are or who they represent, the government or the aliens.

MISSING TIME Some people say that when they return from a UFO sighting, they found that a period of time had passed which he or she couldn't account for. This can be minutes, hours, or even days which are unaccounted for. This is the phenomena of missing time.

MJ-12 The MJ-12 (standing for "Majestic Twelve") mystery was sparked off with the 1987 publication of an alleged briefing document from ex-US President Truman to President-Elect Eisenhower in November 1953. The document dealt with government knowledge about UFOs, aliens, and above Top Secret projects. It listed the twelve members as Dr Lloyd Berkner, Dr Detlev Bronk, Dr Vannevar Bush, James Forrestal, Gordon Gray, Vice Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, Dr Jerome Hunsaker, Dr Donald Menzel, General Robert Montague, Rear Admiral Sidney Souers, General Nathan Twining and General Hoyt Vandenberg. James Forrestal had a mental breakdown and committed suicide in 1949 and was replaced by General Walter Smith. MJ-12 (also known as Majic-12, Majority-12, Majesty-12) is allegedly a Top Secret research and development/intelligence operation set up by and answerable to the US President. All thirteen members had died by the time the briefing document was publicised, so none of the details could be checked out. What could be verified was the document's authenticity, and when it was found that the signature on the briefing document was identical in ratio to a 1947 memo from President Truman to Vannevar Bush and the briefing document was proved to be a fake. However the MJ-12 controversy still rumbled on with people saying that although the document has been proved to be a piece of DISINFORMATION, parts of it must therefore be true. The document touched upon the ROSWELL CASE, as well as PROJECTS SIGN, GRUDGE and BLUE BOOK and KENNETH ARNOLD's sighting of nine flying saucers, all of which have been proved to be true by UFO researchers. Ufologists were split as to whether there _ever_was_ a Majestic 12. When ROBERT LAZAR revealed that his work was classified as MAJESTIC, it added weight to the opinion that there may have indeed been such an organisation. Opinions differ as to what MJ-12 could be if it exists, some say it was a simple committee that evaluated the UFO reports that were siphoned out of PROJECT BLUE BOOK, while others say that they are running the CIA, FBI, the world's drugs market and are planning to take over the world and rule in partnership with the GREYS.

MOORE, WILLIAM Moore is an ex-teacher who chose to go into the writing profession in 1979 and was very involved in an investigation of the 1947 ROSWELL CASE. He worked with APRO for a while before accepting a place on the APRO board. He learnt about PAUL BENNEWITZ's claims from fellow board member Jim Lorenzen, but didn't take too great an interest in the case. Whilst he was on a promotional radio show tour promoting his new book "The Roswell Incident", he received phone calls, at two different radio stations, from a nearby Air Force Base sergeant who wanted to meet him. When the first call came, he was too busy, but after the second call, they arranged a meeting and there he met RICHARD DOTY. Doty told him that he (and nine other military people, all ten identified by names of birds) would tell him various "facts" of what the US government was up to in regard to UFOs if he spied on APRO and passed DISINFORMATION on to Paul Bennewitz. Moore complied and was exposed to various Top Secret documents about highly sensitive government projects, including PROJECTS SIGMA, REDLIGHT, AQUARIUS, GALILEO, POUNCE and SNOWBIRD. In return, Moore gave Bennewitz doctored documents given to him by Doty. Moore learnt that the US government had indeed worked with aliens in advancing US space technology, and that three EBEs had been kept in various Air Force Bases. In October 1988, Moore went public on the TV show "UFO Cover-Up...Live" with "FALCON" and "CONDOR" who would tell the same stories that they had told Moore. That show was considered to be the most farcical embarrassment ever broadcast due to the fact that the informant's revelations included declarations that the aliens liked Tibetian style music and strawberry ice cream. Moore was devastated, and in the 1989 MUFON annual conference, he confessed that he had passed on disinformation from Doty to Bennewitz in order to investigate deeper into the UFO riddle and revealed that he had spied on various personalties in ufology.

MUFON The Mutual UFO Network was established in 1969 and is the world's largest international UFO organization. It publishes the monthly "MUFON UFO Journal"


NASA The National Aeronautic and Space Administration. NASA was established in 1958 to co-ordinate and direct aeronautical and space research programme in the United States. NASA is a civillian agency but co-operates with CIA, NSA, NRO and other agencies. Because of the sensitive aspects of many of the NASA research programmes many of its personnel have high security clearances owing. Among of these programs, at least one supposedly involves research into the UFO phenomena.


NORAD North American Aerospace Defence Command. NORAD was established to protect the North American continent from any sort of attack from the air, but mainly Soviet nuclear strikes. Every year NORAD receives about 25,000 UFO sightings, of which a small percentage remain unsolved. Since 1960 there has been sn estimated 10 Million of such cases.

NRO National Reconnaissance Office (or National Recon Organisation). The task of NRO is to monitor and oversee international communications and the operation of the nations spy satellite system. NRO is a classified top secret intelligence agency with a budget of over $2 billion a year. It is also believed to be responsible for security for all ET- or ET craft- connected projects.

NSA National Security Agency. NSA is the worlds largest eavesdropping agency and was founded in 1952 under President Truman. The NSA is based at Fort George Meade, Maryland. The address is 9800 Savage Road, Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755-6000. In the 1,000 acre building, the NSA has its own college with over 20,000 students, television station with studio, its own power station, and a total of 50,000 personnel. The NSA is the single largest employer in Anne Arundel County and one of the largest in the state of Maryland. It is also believed to be the largest employer of mathematicians in the world. The NSA is divided in ten main departments. Four Operational Divisions, One training unit, Five Staff and Support Sections. The comunication section of the NSA is COMINT (COMunications INTelligence). There are many documents the NSA refuses to release, but CAUS has managed to obtain some of them which deals with the UFO phenomena.

NSRC The National Sighting Research Center. NSRC is a non-profit organisation were six part-time researchers work. The researchers are specialised in DBMS (microcomputer-based data base management systems) micro telecommunications, statistical analysis, and trend analysis. NSRC gathers all forms UFO data and publishes it in computerised reports wich are provided at their data base for professional ufologists. They have published the National Sighting Yearbook since 1988. Contact NSCRs Co. Director Bob Sylvester at the adress: P.O. Box 76, Emerson, New Jersey 07630.


OESCHLER, ROBERT Bob Oeschler joined the US Air Force in 1968 in the American Forces Radio and Television service filming classified prototype weapons systems during the Vietnam War. When he returned to the US, he spent eighteen months at Wright-Patterson AFB before working for NASA, specializing in missions technical analysis as a prototype designer of control and mobile surveillance systems. He gets his information from his alleged contacts in the US Intelligence Community. A controversial character, his work in ufology seems to be OK, even though he has made the odd wild claim. He has claimed to have worked on a government project called "Cosmic Journey" which was an exhibition of the various US space missions and included a section on aliens. He claims that there was going to be a UFO in the exhibition along with a cryogenically preserved alien body. This project was then shelved indefinitely due to the 1988 US presidential election. Then, in October 1993, he gave a radio interview on BBC Radio One and claimed that he had observed a UFO from 200 feet in the Nevada desert and basically hijacked ROBERT LAZAR's story, claiming that everything Lazar heard and saw, he heard and saw too. In other words, whilst his UFO investigations work is very good (he did a very thorough and professional analysis of the GULF BREEZE photos with Bruce Maccabee), his claims of secret government projects are very suspect.


PARANET Paranet is a moderated forum founded by Jim Spieser in 1986 originally dedicated to the paranormal as well as UFOs, although the UFO side grabbed the most attention. Originally distributed as a newsletter via E-mail, it now consists of a set of newsgroups on Usenet. It was the first organisation that spread news of the ROBERT LAZAR story around the world and was also the forum in which MILTON WILLIAM COOPER made his debut and his reputation as a person not to be trusted.


  • AQUARIUS A Top Secret project that was started in 1953 and was set up to accumulate as much data as possible about alien life forms and to distribute the collected information to the relevant projects. Its existence was revealed by WILLIAM MOORE when he released three pages of a "Project Aquarius Executive Briefing Document" to the public. Unfortunately for Moore, this document is now thought to be a fake due to its sloppy presentation (there was a logo on the cover which looked like it had been drawn on with a felt-tip pen) as well as missing background detail. Moore was asked to release more proof that Project Aquarius existed, but he refused, saying that the burden of proof is on those saying that the document is a hoax.
  • BLUE BOOK The last publicly acknowledged USAF investigation into UFOs, and something of a controversial one, which started in March 1952. Its aims were to find explanations for UFO sightings, to assess whether they were a threat to national security, and to determine if the UFOs used advanced technology from which the US could learn. Reports were collected, analyzed and filed according to their results. No-one noticed anything was wrong with the project until one of the people on the investigation team sent in his own sighting. It was filed, but when he wanted to refer back to his report, it had disappeared. He then alleged that any reports that were both unexplained and could cause public
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