UFOs Over America: The Alien Presence Revealed

UFOs Over America: The Alien Presence Revealed
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2 DVD 300 minutes. Release Date: 2/9/2016. An incredible 2-DVD set that contains eight shocking and revealing stories about the real presence of UFOs in America. Over seven hours of shocking evidence and proof of the alien presence. Roswell Death Bed Confessions: Shocking deathbed confessions, eyewitness testimony and the latest evidence related to the 1947 Roswell Incident. The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction: Abducted by Aliens from Zeta Reticuli in 1961, the Hill's were taken aboard a spacecraft, scientifically examined and released. The Government UFO Cover-Up: An expose into the cover-up, misinformation, debunking and and deceitful agenda to conceal the greatest secret in history. An American Abduction: One woman's story of surviving an Alien Abduction experience and reveals the message she was chosen to release to mankind. Contact With Aliens: Learn what it's like to have actual contact with an Alien species, one man describes his past, present and current contact.

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