UFO - True Story of the Flying Saucer 1956 DVD

UFO - True Story of the Flying Saucer  1956 DVD
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This marvelous black-and-white 1956 film has long been considered a "classic" UFO documentary-movie by those who are interested in the UFO phenomenon. The movie is based on the real-life experiences of Al Chop, a former journalist for the "Dayton Daily News" in Ohio. After World War Two he was hired as the Public Information Officer for Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, and in that capacity he became intimately involved with the UFO mystery. If you're interested in seeing an historically-accurate account of how the UFO phenomenon started in America, then this film is easily the best one you can buy.

It starts out by recounting the first widely-publicized UFO sightings in America in 1947 and 1948 - from pilot Kenneth Arnold's sighting of nine "flying disks" over Mt. Rainier in Washington State to the "Mantell Incident" in January 1948, in which a veteran fighter pilot was killed while chasing a UFO over Ft. Knox in Kentucky. It also describes how UFOs quickly became a popular "fad" and national craze. We then follow Air Force PR man Chop as he becomes involved with UFOs, first by answering numerous requests for information from pesky newspapermen about recent UFO sightings and what the Air Force knows about them, to his discussions with military officers and scientists. In the process Chop steadily changes from a UFO debunker (he tells one reporter at the beginning that "It's a lot of bunk") to being convinced that UFOs are real. Finally, he is sent to Washington DC where he becomes the press spokesman for the Air Force's famed "Project Blue Book" investigation into the UFO mystery.

During his tenure as Blue Book's PR man, Chop got to know most of the famous figures in the early history of the UFO phenomenon, such as Air Force Captain Edward Ruppelt, who was Project Blue Book's most famous supervisor, and Major Dewey Fournet, who was Blue Book's liason at the Pentagon. Under Ruppelt's leadership Project Blue Book enjoyed its "golden age" from 1951-1953. Instead of debunking and dismissing every UFO sighting, Ruppelt insisted that his staff keep an open mind when investigating UFO reports and he wasn't afraid to label a case as "unknown" when he couldn't find an adequate explanation. This film shows several of the most famous UFO cases of the late forties and early fifties. Among these are the 1950 Montana UFO film, which was taken on an old home-movie camera by the manager of the Great Falls minor-league baseball team, and the 1952 UFO film taken by a Navy photographer near the Great Salt Lake. Both films are extensively analyzed in this movie, and both are judged to be films of "real" UFOs.

The film's climax happens in July 1952 during the great "Washington Invasion", when dozens of strange lights were seen over the nation's capital and were detected by radar at two airports. Chop was a central figure in this historic UFO event, and his account leaves no doubt that he believes there were "unknown objects" over Washington that night (the Air Force later claimed that the radar traces were "temperature inversions" and the eyewitness sightings were "mirages").

Although it's true that some of the UFO cases portrayed in "U.F.O." have been "solved" over the years, there are still enough "unsolved" cases in the movie to make it worthwhile viewing.

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Reviewed by fb-1574141179509048
08/19/2015 - 12:37:31 PM
Excellent B&W UFO Flic!
Excellent! Amazingly well produced film with the actual team present at the Mantell crash. Well worth watching, over and over.