Russian Scouts - The Final Battle - NAZI UFOs DVD 4 hrs

Russian Scouts - The Final Battle - NAZI UFOs DVD 4 hrs
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This is a Russian version of "Saving Private Ryan" in a 6-part mini-series, this elite Russian squad is tasked to find NAZI Germany's final Secret Technology... Nazi Flying Saucers. 

This DVD is entirely in RUSSIAN, no sub-titles!


NAZI UFOS? At the end of the war in the Intelligence Directorate of the Red Army received information about the top-secret development of advanced German vertical takeoff circular aircraft. According to intelligence similar devices have fantastic flight properties and, in case of successful completion of testing, could reverse the course of the war.

Colonel Chernobrov (Boris Scherbakov) gets the job - to get information confirming or refuting incredible intelligence. Together with a group of scouts arrived at his disposal, Chernobrov sent to one of the likely areas of deployment of the German secret plant - forest area of mountain ranges of western Bohemia

264 mins, six episodes. Import Russia, Plays in most DVD players. Region Code Zero (plays worldwide)

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Reviewed by fb-1574141179509048
09/11/2015 - 02:29:44 PM
Language was not an issue
I really enjoyed this mini-series, even though it is in Russian, I had little trouble figuring out what what going on. Much better than I expected.