Moon HOAX? 3-DVD Set

Moon HOAX? 3-DVD Set
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Here's the 3-DVD set featuring all the ALTERNATE SERIES Moon Hoax DVDS.

This rare set includes:

"We Never Went To The Moon"
with Bill Kaysing and others.

New Never Before Seen footage of Bill Kaysing talking about the APOLLO HOAX. Has more to say than the above WE NEVER WENT TO THE MOON!

This DVD-R has rare lecture, personal interviews, and public access film segments and is supplied through a private archive. It may not be the highest quality production, but the material is priceless!


Who is Bill Kaysing? Bill Kaysing was born in Chicago in 1922; served on a destroyer with the U.S. Navy in the Pacific in World War II, and received his Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Southern California in 1949. Before he broke out of the rat race, he was first employed by the Rocketdyne Corporation, and then became head of the Technical Publications Unit at the Propulsion Field Laboratory in Simi Hills, California. There he worked closely with top scientists and engineers on the research and development phases of the Atlas, Apollo, and other space rockets. At that time, his integrity was highly enough regarded by his superiors for him to receive clearance for SECRET, USAF, and the "Q" Atomic Energy Commission. During that entire period, however, he was overworked, burdened with unending debt, unhappy, and eventually critically ill. In 1963, he broke out. To earn what little money he then discovered he needed, he became a freelance writer. He has published over twenty books since then - with publishers of the caliber of Prentice Hall and the San Francisco Chronicle Press - and he has appeared on more than 100 radio, television, and newspaper interviews.

Bill Kaysing shows us evidence that may very well prove NASA never sent a man to the Moon and that the Apollo Missions to the Moon were FAKED! This video contains Apollo Mission data anomalies that contradict NASA claims!

Moist Lunar Soil sticking to boots?

No Stars in the Apollo photos?

No crater under the Lander?

Plus More! And tons of new visuals!


Did America really go to the Moon. . .or were taxpayers just taken for a ride?

This report by James Collier, author of "VOTESCAM: The Stealing of America" includes new evidence videod in the Johnson Space Center in Houston -- and questions whether NASA was guilty of spending billions of taxpayer money -- to stage the greatest theatrical hoax of all time.

This video demands answers from the U.S. Government before we go to Mars.

1) Was the hatch between the Command Module & the Lunar Module too small for the space-suited astronauts to pass through no matter what contortions they could go through to try?

2) Did the front hatch of the Lunar Module open inward making it impossible for the astronauts to exit the cramped LM?

3) Was there actually no NASA manual instructing the astronauts how to get out of the LM, leaving it up to each individual to figure that out for himself? (As told on camera to Collier by Frank Hughes, Chief of Astronaut Training at NASA)

4) Was the 10-foot Rover too long to fit into the 5-foot side of the LM?

Collier challenges NASA to disprove the above in a public demonstration to American taxpayers! This investigation and that of others, including investigator Bill Kaysing, who is now suing Astronaut James Lovell for slander (jury trial, Santa Cruz, Ca., Oct. 7th), cannot be ignored.

90 mins. DVD-R

Was It Only a Paper Moon?

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Reviewed by fb-1574141179509048
09/01/2015 - 12:25:21 PM
Don't Laugh! Very Interesting questions.
Don't Laugh! Very Interesting questions.

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