Monsters! 5-DVD Set

Monsters! 5-DVD Set
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Five classic films and documentaries to send chills up your spine... because they are ALL REAL!


The date was September 12, 1952. What the boys saw was described as a "shooting star" that fell to earth on the top of the hill adjacent to the playground. About the length of a football field away, they all saw an object that was glowing and hissing. Walking closer to check out the "star", they noted that it was about 10 feet around. A few feet away from this glowing object they saw two lights, much like the glow of flashlights, about 12 inches apart. One of the boys had a flashlight and when he turned it on the object a huge creature with "...a bright red face, bright green clothing, a head which resembled the ace of spades, and clothing which, from the waist down, hung in great folds" was seen. Newspapers sent special reporters to cover the story. Many investigators also came and took soil samples. One well known scientist, Ivan Sanderson, and his assistant, Eddie Schoenenberger, came from New York City. With all the attention given to this sighting, one would think that a report would have been definite. However, it was never revealed what was found from the scientific tests and the investigation. The audio for it's age is very clear with just a couple of small glitches. 35 mins, DVD


"The Mysterious Monsters", is a fantastic movie! It tells the story of the phenomenon known as BIGFOOT. From the beginning of the phenomenon to the current day (As of 1975) history, this documentary movie covers all of the bases! It uses eyewitness evidence, video evidence, film evidence, footprint evidence, as well as alot of other investigative techniques, to establish that our planet is in fact home to these elusive creatures. It asks the question, "If fingerprint evidence can be used to hang someone,why can't footprint evidence be used to prove the existence of someone?" And the evidence does in fact prove that these creatures are real. This is a very interesting movie, and if and when the day comes that Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster, who is also discussed in this movie, are proven beyond ANY doubt, this movie will make the headlines for being way ahead of it's time! 86 minutes, DVD

Underground Bases, Reptilians Battle for Humanity

Discover the amazing story of Phil Schneider, a man that helped build secret underground facilities for the government. Learn about Phil's claims of secret deals and New World Order plans to sell your freedom out to hostile Aliens.
Includes chapters:
ETs and UFOs :
Dulce Wars :
Area-51 Road Trip


The ultra-rare SASQUATCH (1978) has been a "hard to find" item for going on two decades. Long out-of-print after a spotty home video release almost 20 years ago, it has remained almost as elusive as its Pacific Northwestern namesake, which may be fitting in some strange, symbolic manner: until now, you've had to hunt to catch even glimpses of it. Shot against the rugged natural backdrop of Oregon that gives it a Disney nature film feel, SASQUATCH is a docudrama detailing various savage bigfoot encounters throughout history, including a recreation of one recited by Teddy Roosevelt in a published journal! And unlike 90% of other movie portrayals, here the monster is truly that, attacking without provocation, ripping out a hunter's throat, terrorizing miners, and more, all of which may upset the more "P.C." image of the mythic skunk ape as Godzilla-like protector of the redwoods. Here, Sasquatch is more likely to break your neck just for the sick thrill of hearing the 'crack!'


Charles Hickson is the only Abductee that Johnny Carson ever booked on The Tonight Show. Like many people in America, he was shocked by the story of the Pascagoula Alien Abductions and the unbelievable aftermath. Dr J. Allen Hynek and investigated this case which began in 1973 when Charlie Hickson and Calvin Parker were taken aboard a UFO by robotic creatures. After the story was reported to a local law enforcement official, the U.S. Military got involved and their response was as bizarre and troubling as the actual event. Here is your opportunity to view this case through the eyes of those involved as we examine most baffling Alien Abduction ever investigated. This presentation includes an exclusive interview with Charlie Hickson, Charlie's own presentation about the event and interviews with his children, a documentary about the case, an extremely rare interview with Calvin Parker, interviews with Stanton Friedman (UFO Researcher), Leonard Stringfield (UFO Crash Retrieval Researcher), Dr James Harder (Alien Abductions Researcher), Donald Schmitt (Author and CUFOS Spokesperson), Bill Clendenin (U.S. Navy Ship Identification and Classification), Betty Hill (Abductee), Dr Ted Peters (UFOs and Religion Researcher), and much more! 95 minutes of stunning material. 95 mins.

5 DVDs, over 6 hours

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