EXTREME SECRETS KEPT: The Secret History and Government Cover-Up DVD PLUS FREE UFOBBS CD-Rom

EXTREME SECRETS KEPT: The Secret History and Government Cover-Up DVD PLUS FREE UFOBBS CD-Rom
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An amazing documentary with two hours of solid information, exclusive stories and material you haven't seen before. Forget the stuff you see on cable, this is the real deal!

If you're tired of the guesswork, theories, questionable evidence and rehashed stories, try this! Bill uses true stories you haven't heard before, facts he has uncovered, photographic and physical evidence to unmask the Cover-Up. You're life will NOT be the same after viewing this material!

- A military aircraft takes off from a Base in Florida in 1966 and encounters a UFO. Seconds later, the same plane is flying over Virginia in 1982. The UFO appears again and the plane is back over a Base in Florida in 1966. After a collision with the UFO, the plane crashes. There is a survivor who tells the tale.

- A WWII Navy experiment to demagnetize and disguise battleships goes awry and leads to projects involving invisibility, time travel and mind control. Bill will take you on a tour of the actual Base where the continuation of The Philadelphia Experiment occurred during the 1980s.

- An ancient painting from Rome clearly shows a scene with a modern building and rocket on the launching pad proving that Time Travel is not only possible, but has probably already occurred.

- Astronauts and Pilots encounter UFOs with surprising and even shocking results. Hear the audio, see the photos and video!

- What amazing Alien Artifacts have been found on the Moon, Mars and other planets? See the evidence and decide for yourself!

These are just a few of the many true stories, facts and incidents featured in this amazing documentary.

Length: 120 Minutes, Plays worldwide.


WOW! What a collection! Hundreds of photos, movies, interviews, audio tracks, FBI, CIA, KGB, NSA documents, text files, reported sightings, and much more. Over 14,000 files on this CD. Many hours of research went into this one. Highly recommended! 5 UFOSTORE Stars!

This DVD-R has rare lecture, personal interviews, and public access film segments and is supplied through a private archive. It may not be the highest quality production, but the material is priceless!

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