Cosmic Connection Series - 6 shows on DVD

Cosmic Connection Series - 6 shows on DVD
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Six shows on One DVD! From The Archives of Cosmic Connection Television Show, The Longest Running Cable Access UFO show.

After fifty years of controversy over UFOs and alien abductions, distinguished historian and world reowned scholar of Temple university presents the first evidence-based explanation of the mystery that has perplexed scientists for decades. His shocking book The Threat, reveals why the aliens are here and why they have kept their agenda secret.What the aliens really want and how they plan to get it.

Whitley Strieber
Author of the block buster book Communion that brought the whole abduction phenomenon to light. In Cosmic Connections' interview and video lecture of Mr Striebers' book Secret School. Also what makes this program special is the discussion of Whitleys uncle concerning Roswell New Mexico.

Michael Lindemann
Author of " Ufo and the Alien Presence Six View Points Of a UFO Investigator" Cosmic Connection Interview covers Roswell Alien Autopsy Film, the New Walt Disney attraction "ALIEN ENCOUNTERS" Cattle mutilations, the S 4 model from Area-51 and Project Redlight. Mr. Lindemann speaks of Lawrence Rockefeller, Robert Bigalow, Dolphin Research and Michaels' term Meta Lever.

Robert Dean
Retired Command Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean tells a story that skillfully presents an astonishing and convincing message: that we are not alone on this planet and never have been. Propelled upon a quest to share his discovery of a highly classified document he came upon during his military career, he has continued his agenda to inform the public about extraterrestrial life and our government's connection. One of the few holders of first-hand knowledge about government involvement with alien life, Mr. Dean recounts the contents of the 1964 report called "an Assessment," the NATO military study that acknowledged and analyzed the implications of the alien presence here on Earth.

Betty Hill
One of the first people to claim to of been abducted by Aliens, apart from the famous 'contactees' of the 40s and 50s, was actually a couple.(This is most unusual as most abductions tend to be of one person). The couple were Betty and Barney Hill. During September 1961 they were driving back from a holiday in Canada through the White Mountains. In this interview Mrs. Hill relates of her abduction, other contactees N.I.C.A.P., Dr. Benjamin Simon, craft description, the leader and the 11 aliens on board, the star map/Marjorie Fish and the loveable Mr. Phillip Klass.

This program takes the viewer on an inside trip in and around the secret airbase known as AREA 51 GROOMLAKE and inside look at the famous cafe known as " The Lil Alien Inn " Join these two enterprising individuals Ron Rummel and Phil Schnieder now deceased under mysterious curcumstances, as they look for the ufos over the Nevada skies.

Running Time 6 hours

This DVD-R has rare lecture, personal interviews, and public access film segments and is supplied through a private archive. It may not be the highest quality production, but the material is priceless!

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