Clouds of Death - Chemtrails DVD

Clouds of Death - Chemtrails DVD
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Short and to the point, 'Clouds of Death' examines the chemtrail issue and gets to the roots of what this operation is really about. Chemtrails are certainly being orchestrated from a global perch seeing that it is international in scope and the cover up or silence is uniform across the board.

Could these chemtrails really be a part of the global population reduction plans of the elite to administer a slow death to the unsuspecting populations of the planet? It has been revealed that the global elite want to reduce the worlds population by 80% and I am convinced that chemtrails are being utilized to do just that. I hear more and more stories of people coming down with cancer, coming down with strange aliments and dogs dying (including my own). When it comes down to it; the chemtrails contain chemicals that can effect the way our minds work, cause cancer and weaken our immune systems through the pathogens that have been found in them. All of this leads to a slow death for those who cannot stand the biological onslaught.

DVD-R, 29 mins

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