Beyond Intruders: The Untold Story Is Told By Debra Tomey DVD

Beyond Intruders: The Untold Story Is Told By Debra Tomey DVD
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Her case was made famous by the best-selling book and popular TV mini-series, INTRUDERS, written by Alien Abductions Researcher Budd Hopkins. Now hear her own story in her own words and relive one of the most frightening and true stories ever told.

DEBBIE TOMEY-TOBE (aka KATHIE DAVIS in 1983) claimed to be missing time since she was visited by Aliens over the course of her childhood. She recalled how she had first been abducted when she was nineteen, and “floated” by two small Alien Gray's to a place where she was medically examined.

There followed a bizarre account of how, during another abduction several years later, she was shown a number of strange hybrid creatures whom she was told were 'hers', and encouraged to bond with them. Many of Kathie's abduction experiences revolved around procedures that seemed to be medical ­in their focus.

During another abduction, Kathie re­called being impregnated by some form of artificial in­semination. Kathie had later found herself pregnant, and assumed her boyfriend was responsible. A few months later the Aliens returned and removed her fetus. Several years passed and the Aliens returned once more. They briefly showed her little baby Aliens, which they said were hers - from her impregnation's by the Aliens. She described the starbabies as looking "like an elf or an angel" and was allowed to name them.

DVD 60 Minutes

This DVD-R has rare lecture, personal interviews, and public access film segments and is supplied through a private archive. It may not be the highest quality production, but the material is priceless!

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