Alternative 3 - DVD

Alternative 3 - DVD
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How long have the ones in control of the planet been waiting and planning for the next cycle of destruction to come upon us? What three things must happen to prepare for this event...and where will it hit?

This black operation involves huge underground tunnels and cities, extraterrestrial bases on the moon and Mars, and utilizes anti-gravity flying disks and huge cigar shaped craft to shuttle between the earth, moon and Mars. This documentary is nearly 1 hour long, offering an amazing amount of proof and concludes that Alternative Three is not a hoax, but a real program.

Conspiracy buffs rejoice. This is "Alternative 3", the much whispered about documentary revealing the secret New World Order plans to evacuate the planet. Learn how America and Russia already have secret bases on both the Moon and Mars. See the manned US-Russia saucer landing on Mars from 1952. Interviews with astronauts and 'missing' scientists. Followed by a seminar on both the film and book with slides by the whispered about Vladimir Tszerski. Will blow your mind! And scientists are still mysteriously disappearing to this day!

DVD, 56 mins, 1977

Running time 60 minutes DVD

Originally scheduled for April Fool's Day 1977 but delayed until June due to industrial action, Alternative 3 was a controversial (hoax) documentary in the vein of Orson Welles's radio broadcast of War of the Worlds. Purporting to be the final episode of Anglia Television's weekly science series, Science Report, it was an investigation into the alternative courses of action following pollution-fuelled environmental catastrophe on Earth. Three courses of action are considered: cut the population, cut consumption, or get off the planet.

Alternative 1

To construct vast underground complexes to shield against the effect of the sweltering heat. This was dropped because sooner or later the Earth would become a cauldron where nobody could live.

Alternative 2

To launch nuclear missiles into the Van Allen radiation belt to blast holes in the belt to allow the carbon dioxide to escape the Earth’s atmosphere, but this proposal was dropped because putting massive holes in the belt would allow deadly cosmic rays to enter our atmosphere

Alternative 3

Then came the third option which was to become known as alternative 3. This was the accepted alternative. It was decided that the only possibility of saving the human race from extinction was to bring together the World’s top scientists in every field of endeavour and to strive to colonise another planet so that small numbers of highly qualified personnel could start again to build up the human race. The best hope for this was to colonise Mars.

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