Aliens and UFOs The Secret Agenda 7 Feature Collection

Aliens and UFOs  The Secret Agenda 7 Feature Collection
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Aliens & Ufos: Secret Agenda 7 Feature 2 DVD set. Over 11 Hours Of Shocking Evidence And Proof That We Are Not Alone!
1 -Angel, Alien And Ufo Encounters From Another Dimension: Now, for the first time, the unbelievable has been caught on video by multiple individuals who have captured mindbending video of Entities, UFOs, and Angels!
2 -Ufos Do Not Exist!: The Grand Deception And Cover-Up Of The Ufo Phenomenon This amazing documentary details the facts they Don't want you to know: UFOs are real, the government and military forces know it, and they have made contact.
3 -Aliens And Ufos: Those who don't believe that Aliens have invaded our planet will be amazed and bewildered by countless UFO sightings that defy explanation by credible witnesses.
4 -Ufo Encounter Of The Third Kind- The Rendlesham Ufo Case: In 1980, an unprecedented series of sightings and the actual landing of a craft from another world occurred at a military base in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England.
5 -Ancient Alien Legacy: Learn of a time when there were giants upon the earth and see the actual evidence and artifacts from a time when man lived amongst the original gods from outer space.
6 -Ancient Astronauts From Planet X: Mesopotamian prophets foretold of an unknown planet approaching Earth and becoming visible to mankind, ushering in a new era. Learn of a time when man lived amongst Alien beings.
7 -Crop Circles In England: Step into a world of magic and mystery as we reveal the truth about ancient stone monuments, crop circles, and the mystical lore surrounding amazing phenomena.
Run Time 740 Minutes includes Special Features.

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