Aliens and UFOs Forbidden Origins

Aliens and UFOs Forbidden Origins
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DVD Running Time: 100 minutes plus Special Features. Released 2014. The story is complex and more fascinating than the masses realize, because intelligent extraterrestrial life not only visited the Earth in ancient times but profoundly affected the development of human civilization. Countless ancient cultures reference interaction with physical beings they considered to be gods. Modern archeology considers these stories to be myth, but let’s take a closer look at the evidence. One of the oldest civilizations - Sumer or modern day Iraq - springing up right out of the Stone Age left us 1000’s of tablets and texts depicting interaction with living gods they called the Anunnaki. Explore the scientific views of how life came into being and more specifically, how humans come into the evolutionary picture. We also explore the first cultures found on earth, tracing back to the oldest known civilizations. Join Jason Martell, star of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series, in an in-depth, comprehensive look at our forbidden origins.

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