Long John Nebel Show Man-Made U. F. O.'s 08-18-58 Download MP3

Long John Nebel Show Man-Made U. F. O.'s 08-18-58 Download MP3
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Long John's show was the Grandaddy of every ufo / conspiracy talk show that has come along since and featured among others believers in aliens and flying saucers from the semi-respectable to the far-out people who claimed to have ridden in them in one case all the way to Venus. And there were various psychics believers in creatures who lived in the center of the Earth and out-and-out con men. He was on the air from the late fifties to the early seventies. These shows are from his early days on WOR 710 in New York where the show was aired from midnight to 5:30 am six night a week. A discussion of "Man-Made U. F. O.'s." The panel discusses eyewitness accounts of flying suacers being assembled in Nazi Germany near the end of the war. An interesting and erudite discussion, far different from the usual crackpots. Are the passengers in flying saucers (if they exist), really Russians? Lester del Rey (science fiction author), Ben Isquith (cybernetician), Hans Stefan Santeson (editor of "Fantasic Universe" magazine), Ben Ahman (Swedish journalist and U. N. representative), Vyacheslav Vawalischin (former army officer of the U. S. S. R.), Jim Runyon (translator), Long John Nebel, Ivan Sanderson (auteur d'un article dans le magazine Fantastic Universe sur les ovnis). 3:16:26. Audio condition: Very good. Incomplete.

3 hours 15 mins. Listen to the entire show on download MP3

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