ALERT! Alien Contact download MP4

ALERT! Alien Contact download MP4
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Alien visitation and UFO encounters in the modern era exploded in the 1940s - continuing without pause to events of today!

The best known researchers, newscasters and military personnel began to reveal the cover-up by the governments of the world, revealing events so fantastic it mystifie the imagination.

Hear the top newspeople of the day, Frank Edwards, Mike Wallace and Edward R. Murrow interview the experts and the victims of these encounters.

See rare video interviews with some of the most famous “contactees” with their fantastic stories. You’ll hear about lunar mysteries and observations by top astronomers.

Enjoy these historic scenes and vintage presentations.

75 mins, plays worldwide 750Mb download MP4

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Reviewed by duke
08/18/2015 - 01:58:46 PM
Footage and Interviews I've never seen before!
This is a fun film with Footage and Interviews I've never seen before! I didn't realize how dramatic the UFO contacts were in the 50s and 60s.